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The Gym.

Working out.
Hey girl, your gettin some love handles down there. When was the last time you went to church?
No bitch, GAY church!
by LittleGiant Longhorn September 27, 2007
Origin: YouTube via HappySlip

A phonetic representation of how an Asian emigrant might pronounce "boyfriend".
"You See, Minnie has a boypren now."

"Remember what I said about habbing a boypren? No physical contact what so eber."
by LittleGiant Longhorn September 27, 2007
As in IMprint--the outline of a guy's cock visible through his pants, shorts, or underwear; often more defined when wearing tight jeans or briefs, e.g.

The male answer to cameltoe.
Brent has pretty small hands; however, his cockprint is rather impressive.
by LittleGiant Longhorn September 27, 2007
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