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explicative, 1. a phrase used to designate approval of a particular couple's relationship. Lobsters supposedly mate for life.
Also- "She's his lobster"; although, as male lobsters probably ascribe to this rule less often than female lobsters, it is probably more appropriate to think of Ross as being made for Rachel rather than Rachel being made for Ross.
"See, he's her lobster."
- Phoebe, FRIENDS
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 16, 2005
verb, 1. to change the nature of one thing into another. 2. to become different.
-see also valmorpharize.
-see also valmorification.
verb, past tense- they valmorphanized the Hummer and blew-up the pyramids.
adjective- the valmorphanized Team member was a Top Gun Actor!
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 08, 2005
noun, 1. nerdspeak for idiot, "ID10T."
I told you not to let the office manager touch anything that uses electricity! That I.D.10-T pushed the reset button on the server.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 01, 2005
noun, 1. the condition of having become different.
-see also valmorpharized.
-see also valmorphanized.
"The valmorification worked!"
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 08, 2005
verb, 1. the improper spelling of valmorphanize.
-see also valmorification.
*minus ten thousand nerd-skill-level points for not engaging the mute/closed-captioning feature on your TV in conjunction with your DVD broadcast to verify the spelling of the invented words in the script.
If you were the red commie bastard puppet character, Kim Jong-il, in TEAM AMERICA, WORLD POLICE you would pronounce the word, "valmorpharize."
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 08, 2005
adjective, 1. high-grade. 2. the number of seeds of the Cacao tree (cocoa beans) you would pay for a nice looking whore one thousand years ago. Actually, you could probably get a good deal for eight, but it doesn't have the same ring to it.
Dude, that chick is totally Ten Beans.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 31, 2005
noun, 1. what you don't hear when you aren't paying attention.
When whatshisface started talking about the whoseiwhatsits, it was all blabbittyhoo to me.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 23, 2005
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