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16 definitions by Little Computer Nerd

The name of the decade from 2010 to 2019. We've had the noughties, and after 2020 we will have the twenties, so this has to be the most logical name for the one between.
Man: I've had some fun during the noughties!
Other Man: Yes, just think what fun we could have during the oneties!
by Little Computer Nerd December 08, 2009
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Power walking, with more talking taking place than walking.
My wife and I were walking along when two people power talking came past.
by Little Computer Nerd July 31, 2009
5 0
Spending more time than usual in bed, not necessarily asleep. Mostly used to describe someone who usually sleeps at night, but spends time during waking hours in bed as well.
My wife wasn't feeling well yesterday so she had a bedlife day!
by Little Computer Nerd June 22, 2009
4 0
Spending all day in bed. See bedlife for more information.
My wife wasn't well today, so she had a bedlife day.
by Little Computer Nerd June 23, 2009
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One who tries to negotiate with others, but has strong hate for their point of view on the subject.
That footballer who is being given the yellow card is such a negotihater
by Little Computer Nerd March 25, 2010
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The opposite of Indian Giver.

Used to describe the act of asking for something, then saying you don't want it yet.
Me: My wife asked for some help moving some stuff around, then said when I went to help that she didn't want it yet.
My friend: She's such an Indian Taker
by Little Computer Nerd December 18, 2009
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Alternative spelling of oneties, the decade between 2010 and 2019. Before this decade you have the noughties, and afterwards the twenties, so the decade in-between had to be given a suitable name.
Man 1: In the wonties, we want world peace, a great global economy and better shows on the TV.

Man 2: You want a lot, don't you?
by Little Computer Nerd December 08, 2009
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