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1) A mess.

2) A cop hangout.
1) Clean up your room, it looks like a pig sty.

2) Don't be dealing outside of 7-11. That place is a total pig sty.
by Lithane November 30, 2009
The act of siphoning McDonald's sweet tea by entering the establishment, ordering a sweet tea with no ice, and then pouring it into a funnel that drains into an empty two liter bottle concealed by a suitcase or backpack, then repeat with as many free refills as possible. Coined by Brian Berris of Wreckless Media Radio.
Brian: Oh, we were talking about me sweet teaing.
Greg: Oh, is that what it's called? It's like a new, progressive sport?
Brian: No, I say to my friends, "I gotta go tea off." They know what it means.
by Lithane November 28, 2009
Acronym for "I don't give a single fuck". A variant of idgaf and idgf, for when the amount of fucks you give are so few that you don't give not even a single one.
Kathy: Clay Aiken's on tour again!
Matt: idgasf
by Lithane March 10, 2011
When you like something, especially underground comics or indie movies, only due to a sudden spike in its popularity. It's common to "have your bandwagon goggles removed" after said popular media is criticized and you realize that you don't really like it.
Guy #1: I was wearing my bandwagon goggles after Scott Pilgrim vs. The World came out and everyone went batshit over it.
Guy #2: I did the same thing with Watchmen until /co/ removed mine.
by Lithane August 14, 2010
A person that's good enough for seconds is tolerable or appealing enough that you would sleep with them more than once, but you wouldn't consider dating them regularly.
She's good enough for seconds and all, but fuck dating her. She's kind of a bitch.
by Lithane September 05, 2010

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