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An evil entity that invades your bum, causing the following symptoms: abdominal bloating and cramps; watery turds; farting and follow through.
That was a really nice curry but now i've got a bum demon.
by Lisa Maree February 29, 2012
oh god i wish all of you ppl would shut up about preppy ppl wearing chucks. i mean my metrosexual friend wears chucks,i wear chucks, my friend lilian thats in a gang wears chucks, my friends abbey and kathy that are punk rock wear chucks, and ppl at my school that are preps wear chucks, you cant just single someone out because they wear a certain type of shoe. and if you think about it. it sounds really retarded rguing over whow ears what type of shoe. so everyone should quit saying that only preps wear chucks
gang member- wears high top chucks that are the color of his gang

punk rocker- wears all black high tops

prep- wears low top pink chucks

regular average person- wears high top blac chucks
by lisa maree September 02, 2006

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