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Used in Limerick instead of the word trainers as it is too posh and get you beaten up
See my Adidas tackies, Pa robbed em for me from Champion
by Lisa Curran April 04, 2005
refers to a gorgeous looking guy/girl but mainly guys who play rugby or support Munster
Peter Stringer is such a finer
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
Used to express the fact that you have had or are about to have great sex
He rode me sideways in the back of the car
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
1. Very interesting
2. Interesting in a sexual way
3. code word if you are being molested
I found the finers thoughts very intermolesting
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
What I make any man see and call out.
He called out for God so loud before he came the neighbours complained
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
Area in southwest ireland. Contains Limerick scangers and the best rugby team in the world. Contains Kerry also A region for foolin' tourists Gangs live here
Munster Rocks ok sham
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
You're worst nightmare unless your a Limerick girl. Love drinking ,fighting hash, shagging, collecting S.T.D'S, robbing cars, knives and weapons in general. Oh and modified cars and white tackies. Idea of a posh night out: shagging the bitch in the backseat of a car
He's a byoor of aLimerick man
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
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