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blessed by a broken heart-- a metal band that is awesome. the guys in the band are super hot and all look the same except one who messes the whole thing. but we still love them.
bbabh is hottttter than you
by lisa February 11, 2005
Worse than both a disaster and a catastrophy
Meeting my in-laws for the first time was an absolute disastrophy.
by Lisa November 29, 2002
A Christian/Catholic holiday in which you give up something such as candy, cracking your knuckles, etc.
She gave up sweets and fried food for Lent.
by Lisa February 28, 2004
The phrase "punch buggie" is best said when riding with your friend in the car. If you see any form of a VW beettle or bug,punch your friend, perferrably in the shoulder, and call out the color of the car. Remember, you are not bitch punching your buddy, just litely "punching" them on their shoulder.
Heather: "Blue punch buggie" (punches Lisa on the shoulder, but not hard!)

Lisa: "Damn. I will get you back biach."
by Lisa July 01, 2004
its a bisexual girl who, even though she likes both, she prefers women.
"omg i can't believe that maria is a bisexual lesbian, i always thought she was just a bisexual."
by lisa June 14, 2006
A delicious establishment for the consumption of food and drink.
Dude, let's go down to Orange Julius to meet guys!
by Lisa July 04, 2003
Documentary that follows top American Street Fighter players training and then battling their way to Japan to gain respect in an international SF tournament and the politics of the all-male fighting game world.
"Bang the Machine" played at the 2003 SFIAAFF in March.
by Lisa August 16, 2003

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