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something said on the phone to me and I was convinced that it WAS a word.... and now it is.

I love you Kyle
he was bettering the butter
by Lisa August 12, 2004
Arms that are disproportionately long for one's body often causing the knuckles to skim the ground like an ape.
Not even the Big and Tall store carries sizes that will accomodate his ape arms.
by Lisa July 28, 2004
Confused its a mix between confused and fagangled which means messed up
um...dude im so confagangled when it comes to the shit you say...
by lisa June 20, 2004
(n.) a person who not only fucks the people but also lots of other animals, they are most likely to have aids
Damn, did you hear what he did to his dog, he is such a fuchican
by lisa April 25, 2004
confused & puzzled
In math I get confuzzled
by Lisa January 02, 2004
to smoke weed, can be used as a verb and a noun.
"That muff was so good I am so muffed up now."
by Lisa August 24, 2003
A doego is the little material that gathers at the either end of the seam of a sock.
The doego is gathering inside my shoe.
by Lisa July 28, 2003

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