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Person who does things only if others do, showing no independence of thought.
I’m in…..lets see who wants to go first….so who’s in?

Decide for yourself Conditional Bitch.
#conditional #depending #dependant #condition #if
by Lirone1234 January 05, 2009
Subsequent occurrence of two coworkers engaging in any possible variation and kind of discussion about every aspect within their reach.

A:So you guys saw the game last night?
B: I don't get why games are shown so late, I'd rather sleep.
C: Well, other people want to have time to run errands before the game, right?
A: stop it with the DEABATOPHILIA guys, Im sick of it!
#debate #like #aprehensive #debating #debaters
by Lirone1234 January 05, 2009
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