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A widely distributed message, generally printed on paper, intended on widespread confusion or hilariousness.

Delivered using guerilla tactics. For example, flyers may be deployed in lockers, mail boxes, or dropped to seemingly oblivious individuals.
Shari (looking up the stairwell): "Oh man, what are those guys doing this time?"

(Pieces of paper start to rain from above)

Voice from above: "Flyers!!"
by LiquidNasty January 26, 2006
Colloquial term describing one who is delayed, or late. Typically used in a military or espionage context.
"Agent X is late for dinner. Initiate command override and proceed with Plan B."
by LiquidNasty October 05, 2005
In the Street Fighter game series, Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu move. During the manoeuvre, the screen blacks out and Akuma performs a series of devastating and demoralizing attacks. Can be abbreviated to B.O.B.

Groups of friends will often participate in "B.O.B. Matches", in which each player selects Akuma. The first player to land a successful Blackout Bingo will have exclusive rights to Akuma for a time period specified prior to the competition.
"Man, Mitch hit me with Blackout Bingo in the very first round tonight! I'm banned from using Akuma for one whole month!"

"B.O.B, Baby!"
by LiquidNasty May 23, 2007
An notorious public-transit musician famous for two things:
1. Unrivaled Beats
2. Delicious Banana Bread
Khemfusion is currently depressed about his broken hand and lack of delicious banana bread.
by LiquidNasty April 15, 2005

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