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1 definition by Lipozene12

Pronunciation: \ˈni-gərs\ \ˈnest\
Function: Adjective
Often used to describe a dwelling or area of a dwelling marked by an over population of niggers, foul or putrid matter, and disorganization.
A typical nigger's nest includes empty bottles of MD 20/20, crack pipes, used diapers, used needles, stolen merchandise, spinnin' rims and niggers that are not aware their dwelling is a nigger's nest. However, the term may be used in a Caucasian setting to describe a room, home, car, or any other area beyond the control of the person or people responsible. This typically occurs in households unaware their home and/or room is a nigger's nest.
1. With 7 kids and 2 on the way Shunequia and Delroc were unaware their 1 bedroom apartment was a nigger's nest.

2. After weeks of partying Kyle was unaware that the trunk of his car had become a nigger's nest.

3. Adrian: "I can't stand riding in Tangy's Escalade because it is a total nigger's nest- especially because of her broken spinnin' rims in the back seat."
by Lipozene12 April 15, 2009