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Being nosey
Can be used as a verb; or pronoun
The act of spying or investigating something
1) She was being all CSI by listening in on his conversation.
2) I was CSI'ing around her desk for some info.
by Linifer Rubirelli March 08, 2007
This word has many uses.
1) Making an offensive comment is "rudeness".
2) Sex. Having/Doing "rudeness" (replaces word "sex")
3) Bathroom Business of the #2 nature.
#1) "Look at your fat ass", "OMG, you're so rudeness!"
#2) "Lisa & Jim did rudeness last night"
#3) "What's that smell? Did you do rudeness in the bathroom?"
(a fart would also equal AIR-rudeness)
by Linifer Rubirelli March 08, 2007
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