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4 definitions by Linh

What Mr. T does before he knocks the criznap outta j00 sucka plz!
I pity da fool who don't come up in this hizzy to mess mah bling bling up.
by Linh March 06, 2003
Take "Da Bomb" to the next level aka bizomb or biznomb.
Yo dawg, youz da bizomb sucka plz!
by Linh March 06, 2003
A word used for Bosnian race. Is a mixture of "Bastard" "Retard" and "Bosnian". Replaces "nigger" for blacks. Derogatory word for races of Serbian, Yugoslavian, and Bosnian descent.
"Fucking bostard".

"I hate bostards...they fucking stink"
by Linh March 25, 2005