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3 definitions by Ling Blinger

Finger-banging a girl with buffalo wing sauce still under your fingernails.
We had a lovely evening. I took her out to Buffalo Wild Wings, karaoke, then we retired. When things started getting 'hot', so did her vagina--because the wing sauce under my fingernails got rubbed on/into it. I 'Buffalo Billed' her.
by Ling Blinger February 27, 2013
52 8
Noun/Verb: The result of coughing/vomiting into one's sleeve after ripping a pipe too hard, giving the sound and appearance of a vampire raising his cape to his mouth and exclaiming "Blaaaah!"
He ripped the pipe too hard. You could see it in his face. He didn't want to drop the piece, so he quickly raised his arm, coughing into his bicep. The problem is that the cough turned to vomit, and he pulled a Dracula all over his sleeve.
by Ling Blinger April 04, 2013
35 8
Synonyms: Goodbye, later, peace.

Why? Probably because Bowser always comes at the end of most every Mario game. Don't over-think it.
Friend: "See you later, man."

You: "Bowser."
by Ling Blinger July 01, 2013
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