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The Pyro is one of the offensive classes of the FPS Team Fortress 2. The Pyro's main purpose is to burn everything around them, and so the Pyro excels at close combat but is nearly useless beyond medium range. The character's voice and appearance are both obscured by a gas mask and a fireproof suit, so there is no proof to the Pyro's gender, even though Valve have offered teasers that the Pyro is a woman. Judging by the taunts used by the Pyro, he/she is a pop culture geek.

Stock weapons consist of a flamethrower with a multipurpose secondary fire, a shotgun, and a fire axe. Unlockable weapons include a flamethrower that does automatic critical hits on a target from behind, a flare gun to ignite targets at long range, and an axe that inflicts an automatic critical hit on a burning target. Because of the immediately obvious and lingering effects of fire, the Pyro is considered ideal for checking for the presence an enemy spy.

The Pyro is often considered overpowered or a noob class thanks to a combination of speed, decent health, and a primary weapon that doesn't require slowing down, precise aim, or reloading that gets more powerful as the range gets closer. Most Pyros, noob or not, are accused of being a W + M1 player. In spite of the accusation that playing Pyro is easy mode, the Pyro does not top the charts for most played class, most points per hour, most kills per hour, longest life, most damage dealt, or indeed any statistics tracked by Valve.
The pyro isn't a hard class to play. It just takes a smart player to live longer than 30 seconds per respawn.
by Linebreaker November 12, 2009

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