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When you have "too much month" left at the "end of your money". When you're SO broke you have LESS than zero money. You just wrote a $6.00 check for teriyaki chicken and it's going to bounce... leaving you with a bank balance of -$30.00 after the overdraft fee kicks in. Sucks doesn't even begin to describe your financial situation.
Lunch means nothing to you, you're rich and I'm brokeless.
by LineNoize December 30, 2004
Abbreviation for Gomer Fucker Dickhead. Used when you just don't know WHAT to call the fucker, I mean gomer, I mean dickhead... well... you get the idea.

Can also be used as a greeting to your closest friends...
- What a GFD!
- Yo, what's up GFD?
by LineNoize December 29, 2004
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