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Phrase used when you are experiencing the need to tell the person you're with to "chill out" or "calm yourself."
Hey-zeus guys, the quiz isn't until tomorrow!
by Lindsay Hamel May 02, 2008
Short for UNITED KINGDOM IT. Meaning: get out there and just live.
Woman 1: Work has been so stressful lately, I need to relax.
Woman 2: UK it!
by Lindsay Hamel May 02, 2008
Phrase used when experiencing excitement. Can be used in my place of "no kidding."
Well, slap my grandma! My dog's name is Badonkadonk too!
by Lindsay Hamel May 02, 2008
term of exasperation
"Spoons in the barnyard, I got a 20 on my computer quiz!"
by Lindsay Hamel June 10, 2008

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