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The true ghetto of Pennsylvania itself. When the PA gang bang isn't chillin at the B-town turkey hill, they walk around with their AK-47s at the Leola Pool and chase small children around the tether ball poles. When they aren't being child molesters, they break dance battle against the Leola Labdicks.

The one good thing about Leola, is that there is always someone dumber than you are.

Leola is in Lancaster county and is a close neighbor to Brownstown.
Sally: Hey Margot, did you hear about Billy's party in Leola? He's supposed to have Danity Kane there!
Margot: Yeah.
Sally: You going?
Margot: It's in Leola?! Fuck no, i don't wanna get hung around a tether ball pole!
by Linds-a-bins June 13, 2008

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