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Habbo Hotel is a virtual chatroom where you make a character and talk to other Habbos.
I think Habbo's okay if you're not TOO addicted to it and if you know what you're doing.
Even though it's probably the safest chatroom out there, you should still keep your personal details to yourself.
The problem is, there's way too many child pretadors out over the web today so you really don't know who the heck you're talking to...
For instance; A Habbo that appears to be a 14 year old girl may be a 30 year old man..
But most of all, NEVER give out your Email to someone else because you can't trust ANYBODY over the internet and anyone can find out where you live. (Unless you know them in life of course)
And remember, just because you're over the internet you can't just say anything you want
people have feelings online too :)
Stay safe and have fun on Habbo, and over the web :))
Habbo Hotel is okay if you know what you're doing.
by Linahh June 29, 2006
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