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a rich New Yorker, usually a Jew that drives a Mercedes Benz, or Beamer
Enjoys populating the Jersey Shore
Thinks they are better then locals
I hate the way those bennies drive, get off my beach.
by lin March 28, 2004
MapleStory is a really Asian-ish, 2D game that has no creativity, since the monsters are so repetitive (ex, there's Spore for beginners, then like a Undead Spore, and a Large Spore, and a bunch of other spores) basically, think Ragnarok Online minus the coolness. But it's easy to get addicted anyway. :D
Someone: *spams dropping a bunch of money, aka Meso(the universal currency in MapleStory*
n00bs: *run, spam Z, the key to pick up items, misses all the meso* NOFAR NOFAR I GUT NUTTIN!!! ;O; ;O; *cry smiley*
by Lin April 09, 2005
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