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A type of laughter where a giggle and a snort are combined to make a noise that creates more laughter. Both males and females can gigglesnort, though females tend to do so more often. It takes practice to perfect and each person has a unique gigglesnort.

Usually, a gigglesnort will happen when someone hears something very funny and they both giggle and snort at the same time. It produces a very unique sound that can only be defined as a gigglesnort.
"Did you hear what he said to her today?!"
"I know! It made me laugh so hard!" *gigglesnort*
"No way... you just gigglesnorted!
#laugh #funny #snort #giggle #joke
by Limonada_296 November 11, 2011
Standing for Proof of Abs, as in, when a guy says he has abs, but you need proof that he does and he's not just saying that to make himself seem more smexy or attractive. That would be misleading, so you ask him for some P.O.A.
"Hey, I have a six pack? Aren't I sexy?"
"How do I know you do? Gimme some P.O.A.!"
#abs #hot #proof #sexy #word
by Limonada_296 October 29, 2011
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