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Used to describe the transfer of goods from one person to another through a 3rd person. When Preforming an Operation Blue Canary means you state the name of the person who the goods must get to the 3rd person who will drop them off. It can be from across the room passing a note, or across the world passing... something...
Guy1: "Hey dude, Operation Blue Canary"

Guy2: "Mmk, Im down, who's the target?"

*Guy1 points at girl with note*

Guy2: "Gotcha."

*Guy2 grabs note from girl and hands it to Guy1*

Guy1: "Thanks Man."
by LimitlessEnigma December 06, 2009
planning an event/party where it is a surprise, and if the person(s) finds out, it's back to square one.
Used as if in the military not stating what the Black Falcon is, or who its for. The people who know, know. and the people who don't; won't...

or its back to square one!
Guy 1: "Hey man, Operation Black Falcon is in effect."
Guy 2: "Dude, what are you talking about?"
Guy 3: *To Guy 2* "Hey man don't worry about it" *To Guy 1* "Roger, Phase one complete."
by LimitlessEnigma June 03, 2009

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