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1. A word that is often abused by pseudo-intellectuals.
2. Used to arrogantly display one's own pretentious tendencies by criticizing masterly works or people (e.g. art-rock bands--see. Radiohead)
3. Evokes strong evidence of hypocrisy in one's nature.
4. A word that, once applied, unfairly destroys geniuses and their works with one swift and cheap movement of affectation.
I am not pretentious and I make no claims to a position of merit, and therefore I don't demand that you agree with me.
by Limey August 11, 2004
A chick that walks in the bar with 45% of her legs covered in boots, and only 5% covered by her skirt. She so wants the penis.
"Hey, Brent...Look at them 3 bootlegs that just walked in the bar. I'll take the left, you take the right, and we'll pipeline in the middle."
by Limey January 27, 2004

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