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The act of unconsciously typing nonsense while half asleep in a Messenger conversation. The nonsense is usually ridiculously misspelled words, or just complete gibberish.
Jenna: OMG Fred, what are you doing up so late?
Fred: PHusicdp aper die tmrowqqwr
Jenna: Are you sleep typing?

Jenna: Last week, I was talking dirty to Fred over messenger and he FELL ASLEEP.
Eileen: Lswlorlyyy/
Jenna: =_=
by LimeFaceX August 10, 2009
A state of mind in which a person thinks everything is cute.
Jenny: "OMG That wall is SOOO CUTE."
Craig: "Yep, she's in Kawaii-Mode."
by LimeFaceX July 16, 2009
1)To find something hilarious and disgusting at the same time.

2)To laugh at something before realizing how nasty it is, and vomiting.
"Jenna roflgagged while Justin drunkenly spewed vomit into the garbage can."
by LimeFaceX July 04, 2009
Root words: Camera, Philia.

1)A person who, when taking photographs of him/herself, always puts on a seductive face for the camera.

2) A person with an extreme passion for cameras and photography.
Jake: "Dude did you see Kristen's pics on Facebook?"
Kevin: "Yeah man, she's a total cameraphile."

Craig: "Yes! I got a new camera!! I can't wait to take pictures with it!"
Eric: "Come on, stop being such a cameraphile."
by LimeFaceX July 16, 2009

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