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18 definitions by Lily_of_Geeks

Doritos, Mountain Dew, and video games. Also known as Gaming Gold.
"Hey, can we stop at Meijer? We need some Essence of Late Nights."
by Lily_of_Geeks July 10, 2009
The three main illusions brought on by an absence of alcohol.
"After Dan woke up on Monday, he experienced heavy symptoms of Life, Reality, and Time."
by Lily_of_Geeks May 16, 2009
All the kickass taste and caffeine of Mountain Dew, but with no calories so you can maintain your girlish figure.

See Essence of Late Nights.
Dude, let's pick up some Diet Mountain Dew.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009
To defecate, poop, dump, crap, shit, or shat your pants.
Aw, man. I just William Shatner'd myself.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009
the most famous zombie ever
romero only WISHES he could cast jesus in a movie
by Lily_of_Geeks October 13, 2009
Really pointless Beatles lyric from "Come Together"
One and one and one is three!

by Lily_of_Geeks August 29, 2009
facial blemishes that improve a person's looks
Steve's attracne helped him gain popularity among the female clubgoers.
by Lily_of_Geeks September 25, 2009