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Shaden Froider is a german word used when you find someone else's misfortune amusing.
Tom: Hahahahahaha! You have got purple eyeshadow on! You're Violet Baurigard! *Running backwards then turns forward and falls flat on face!*
Joe and Lily: SHADEN FROIDER! *Laughing*
by Lily Powell May 24, 2006
Someone who votes for booty/gold/money or what have you.
Will you join?
21% 10
19% 9
Poll Whoring! XD
58% 27
Total Votes : 46

Most people just like to be poll whores.
by Lily Powell April 23, 2006
A hand gesture is a movement you make with your hand. Rude hand gestures include; sticking your middle finger up or your middle and index finger up. A friendly hand gesture is perhaps sticking your thumb up. Hand gestures cna be used to communicate - such as sign language - or it can be motions made with your hand when talking
Jane was pissed off, she made a rude hand gesture at Peter.

Jane's brother was deaf and so she used various hand gestures to communicate.
by Lily Powell May 18, 2006

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