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A term used to describe people on who go into threads and vote on polls to get 10 gold every time they vote.
Poll Whore: Hey I vote on threads to get gold!

Everyone: POLL WHORE!!
by matio bello August 31, 2005
On Gaia Online, a user who does nothing but lurk in the forums and vote in polls. Not always, but sometimes mistaken for an asshat.
Melissa: Hey, Dwayne, why aren't you posting?
Dwayne: Oh, I have a headache and I feel only up to being a pollwhore.
by Steven Moncivais November 27, 2006
most commonly used on
almost always an option in a poll
do you like cats?
yes ( )
no ( )
poll whore ( )
by Xpenguin3647 February 19, 2009
Someone who votes for booty/gold/money or what have you.
Will you join?
21% 10
19% 9
Poll Whoring! XD
58% 27
Total Votes : 46

Most people just like to be poll whores.
by Lily Powell April 23, 2006

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