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3 definitions by Lilic

Awesome Canadian rock band. Plays great music . Should be given more recognition=]
Me: Did you hear the song <second chance> by Faber drive?
Friend: Yeh! it was amazing!
Me: Faber Drive rocks!!
by Lilic January 06, 2009
85 11
Seribian name given to males. usually very good looking. English equivilent to Michael
hey what's that guys's name again?the one from serbia
Oh ok, he's cute=]
by Lilic January 06, 2009
34 10
some thing you trick your friend to say
say it 10 times fast and sounds like "i'll fuck any one" go on, try it=)
hey bob, say alpha kenny one 10 times fast loud to that group of people over there
by Lilic December 27, 2008
10 2