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A beautiful yet complicated gender, frequently attracted to boys, often to other girls, easily misunderstood and misperceived by the more coarse male, as a bitch
"The female of the species is more deadly than the male"
by Lila December 30, 2003
When you stay up all night for any purpose, to hang out, have sex, study, go online, drive, or any other activity
"We pulled an all-nighter in town last summer"
by Lila December 30, 2003
police officer
see also:cops, pigs, fuzz, popo, 5-0, bacon, pork
"Run!!! It's the po!"
by Lila December 30, 2003
1. a mystical mischeivous fairy-like creature most often perceived as having wings and being in the female form; usually pictured as thin, graceful and svelte
2. the singular form of a band: "the Pixies"
1. "Pixies in the movie Fantasia are very sexy"
2. "The Pixies have a new album out
by Lila December 30, 2003
1. shoot with a firearm
2. to snort, sniff, or blow up ones nose. refers to a powdered drug
1. "Didn't have to blast him, but I did anyway..."
2. She blasts adderall.
by Lila January 17, 2004
1. a slang used by the teenage general meaning "think," but with less sureness.
2. uncertain thinking, a hunch
"I feel like we're going the wrong way"
"Yea but I feel like she's a mean person, really"
"I feel like that's not true."
-All would be traditionally substituted with the word think
by Lila December 30, 2003
a combination of chunky and skanky. In other words, nasty.
The tuna fish sandwich was sitting in the sun all day so it was too chanky to eat.

Her puss was a little chanky because she had sex with 3 homeless guys while she had a yeast infection.
by Lila March 04, 2004

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