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The cutest, most amazing, sweet, caring, funny, spexy, moe, awesome guy who deserves to be loved so much that it would take at least 150 girls to love him THAT MUCH! He will usually be found with his nose inside a manga or a physics book, talking to friends or daydreaming. He will usually be in love with a character out of his favourite Anime, and almost worships Wolverine. He has gorgeously long raven hair and colour brown eyes, his skin would usually be tanned. A lovely, beautiful boy who has brains and emotions...
* He's reading a X-men Comic, and he's got a FullMetal Alchemist pocket watch! Oh My God! He is SO Carlos!

* That boy's hair is so beautiful, I just want to stroke it. And his eyes, they're like brown glass marbles! He is Such a Carlos! I want to ask him out!
*He's staring off into space again! He must be a Carlos!
by LilIrishDevil May 14, 2009

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