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To snitch, rat, or tell on someone. South LA slang for an informant or rat.
"He a snitch. Dat boy was sneezin all on everybody." or "He a sneez, dont fuck with dat dude"
by Lil SB February 17, 2008
A drank made of Hypnotiq, MD 20/20 Grape, Grey Goose, and Lean(or sizzurp). Created in New Orleans. Popular in South Louisiana.
"I ain't out yet/ I refuse/ Gimmie anotha sip of dat Voodoo Juice/ Oooh/" - from 'Voodoo Juice' by Killa
by Lil SB February 17, 2008
Rapper from Houma or "H-Town" in South Louisiana. Usually raps on mixtapes and has varying rapping/rhyming styles. Also known as "KRZ" or "Baby Ku$h".
"You already know the name/ Killa doin this shit/ On top of My game/ I make it rain/" - from "I Shyne" by Killa
by Lil SB February 17, 2008
Another word for "Floss". A twist on the word "flex". Means to show off fancy clothing, cars, jewelry, etc....
"I floss even though they hate me/ Pull up in Vette's/ Humvees and Jets/ Watch me Plex/" - from "I Shyne" by Killa
by Lil SB February 17, 2008
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