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straight street; rough; gangsta; don't wanna mess wit em type
yo that bitch is straight gutter, she'll fuck u up homie!!
by lil mama April 02, 2004
fun, rowdy, or wild
That party was hype!!
by Lil Mama January 25, 2004
punk, bitch, weakling
Man, u cant even cheat on tha test, u a lil bia
by Lil Mama March 21, 2003
a sweet (nice) female.
that girl is such a sweety pie.
by Lil Mama March 19, 2005
A reeeeal fyne person. On a scale of 1 to 10, they would get a 10....dime = 10 cent = 10
OOOH, he a dyme peice!!
by Lil Mama January 25, 2004
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