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got to go
Rachel I gtg
by Lil March 02, 2004
cats with porn
porn with chocolate
cats with chocolate
Man, i went to this restaraunt, it was happiness in a box, it was so good.
by lil November 09, 2004
a person that plays runescape when he is bored he is not a nerd like zezima.
a person that plays runescape when he is bored not a nerd like zezima
by lil January 25, 2005
a lizard eater is a childish word for lesbian.
lizard eater is not i
by lil March 08, 2005
you want to get fucked up but don't have the means
she was crunkless last night
by lil April 12, 2005
The coolest guhguh in the world.
Who is your warrenLee?
My warrenLee is Warren Lee! =D
by lil June 05, 2003
nicer than u tools.
u r all retards
by lil June 04, 2004
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