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The act of first receiving oral sex from a chick until you are close to ejaculating, then pulling your penis out and mushroom stamping the four corners of her face (in homage to William Wallace's limbs being sent to the four corners of England), then crying "Freedom!" as you come on her newly stamped visage, preferably dropping her panties out of your outstretched hand as you do so.
I was feeling patriotic, so I paid homage to the Scots by giving some hood rat the William Wallace.

That cocksucker sure was surprised when I pulled out and William Wallace'd all over her face.

Guy 1: Damn, why does Tanya have four red marks on her face?
Guy 2: Oh, I gave her the William Wallace last night.
Guy 1: Nice. I hope you yelled "Freedom!"
by Lije March 15, 2008

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