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A shortened version of the phrase "I know what you mean".
This is even shorter than the term "nah mean", which is shortened for the phrase "Know what I mean?".

Even though both terms are similar, they are not often confused. Humans are able to determine if a question is asked by the tone. The term "n' mean" is so short that a different tone is used.
Mike: I just stubbed my big toe. I hate it when that happens. Nah mean?
Amber: N' mean.
by Lightboxes December 28, 2007
A synonym for "Frenemy". Palhole will replace Frenemy in the year 3,000 as Conan has predicted. Palhole is a combination of Pal and Asshole. These type of people are friends and assholes at the same time. Get rid of these people.
My palhole is knocking on the door again. *sigh*
by Lightboxes September 11, 2009
A woman so sweet she is made of sugar. These women tend to use sugar during foreplay. They will pour sugar on a man's nipples and lick it off. They will also put sugar on the penis and ass crack and lick until their tongue turns red.
That woman is such a sugar babe.
by Lightboxes March 26, 2008
A person not having AT&T as his/her service provider. Being oblivious to the fact that his buddy was trying to call him with free basketball courtside tickets.
Bill is a dill weed because he doesn't realize the importance of having AT&T wireless cellular service.
by Lightboxes March 26, 2008

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