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a totally awesome video game... but when you think about it, its the stupidest crap you have ever laid eyes on. little triangular colorful aliens running around flailing their arms while big hairy guys chuck glowing blue balls at your head while you hit people with a hammer? WTF!?!?!
i was playing halo, and was like THIS IS AWESOME and then i played it again, and was like OMG ITS SO COLORFUL ITS LIKE A BAD ACID TRIP ON STEROIDS ON PCP ON STEROIDS! and i played it again, and wished it was for Wii so i could throw a controller through the TV on accident
by Liggamahwang January 18, 2009
the biggest piece of shit storyline ever seen in a modern shooter, with so much awesome gore you will think you are chuck norris on steroids
jesus may be able to walk on water, but chuck norris can swim through land

one time, marcus from gears of war and chuck norris from walker texas ranger were having a face off, and chuck norris curbstomped that bitch all the way to *insert location here*, where he was then raped by a locust on viagra
by Liggamahwang January 17, 2009

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