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A small middle class bedroom community located in the north/central section of Massachusetts on the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border. The town's public school system and athletic programs are remarkably mediocre. So, many families from Townsend with money or ambition send their children to one of the many local private schools (St. Bernards, Bishop Guertin, Cushing Academy, Groton School, Lawrence Academy) rather than Townsend's public high school, North Middlesex Regional. Most kids who do end up attending North Middlesex Regioanl are rednecks or stoners who love to smoke blunts and Marlboro Lights, drink Budweiser (probably bought at State Line in NH), use racial stereotypes, and suck at sports. Other than high school football games and substance abuse, Townsend has nothing to do. If you want to do anything else you have to travel to a surrounding community (Fitchburg, Pepperell, Groton, Leominster, Nashua, Lowell). These factors result in a serious lack of civic pride in Townsend.

The demographics of Townsend are very homogeneous as most of the town's population is comprised of white christians.

The town historically votes Republican.
I used to live in Townsend, Massachusetts. Here's an example of a conversation I might have heard in high school...

Townsend Kid 1: Dude I heard there's a kegger in

Timberlee Park.
Townsend Kid 2: Yeah, let's go pick up weed in Pepperell, rip a few bowls, park at the high school, and then head over.
Townsend Kid 1: I hope only white kids are there.
Townsend Kid 2: Of course!
by Lifeslime Godfather July 25, 2009
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