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Eternity is the amount of time that two people will share with one another if they were placed on this earth to meet. These two people will feel a true love that only few will ever be lucky enough to experience. If you are ever blessed enough to gain this rare love, your life will forever be changed for the better. It will consume your life is the most positive ways. You will never be curious of another, you will never question what you have, but rather be so grateful of what they have brought into your life. You will feel a passion that many people believe only exsists in fairy tales.
Eternity is when two souls become one. When you first lay eyes on one another, there is an immediate connection. You will be unclear on what you are feeling because it is something that you have never felt before. Once you listen to your heart, and let this individual in, you will gain a lifelong relationship. You will laugh when you think of past relationships, of how serious you thought it may have been. You will realize that you were only passing time until the moment your true love would enter your life. The world will become so obtainable, you will have bigger dreams, more ambition, and a willingness that you have never felt before. Everthing you do, you will take the other into consideration. Every second that passes, your love continues to grow, and there will never be a second that passes that you do not feel loved. Your heart belongs to them for all of your life, and long after. There will never be a day where you think of what you may be missing. You will be satisfied in everyway. When two souls are one, you are willing to do everything and anything to make that certain person happy, in turn you feel a happiness that will be in your life even after your last breath.
Sharing eternity with another, having two hearts beat as one is something that you cannot look for. It is not something that a relationship may lead to. You feel it in your heart the moment you first lay eyes on one another. If you were truly made for eachother you will always be together, it is a feeling that is so amazing and so unbelievable. Many people will want a relationship to work so bad, that they will convince themselves that it is true love, and eternity will be shared with one another. But a true love is placed in your life, you cannot look for it. An eternal bond is the most genuine love. Most people will love another, and work to make eachother happy. An eternity of love is something that has always been there from the second two combined souls meet. There will never be a loss. This love will always blossom.
It is not a certain type of love, it may be a shared amongst a man and a woman, or it may bless two women, or two men. Dispite societies portrayal of true love, it is not something that can be defined. Your heart knows who to love. Your lives will change for the better, and eternity will be shared. I have felt a love, and a passion that I never knew exsisted.
I love a way that I never knew was possible. My world is now shared with another for all of eternity. Are hearts will always beat as one. I love you with all that I am, and all that I will become. With every breath that I take, my love for you will continue to grow. I am forever yours. xoxox...
"Eternity will be shared amongst two souls that beat as one"
by Lifelongz November 14, 2006

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