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Really exists despite what alot of silly young people on the internet like to say to the contrary(emos!)
Alot of these same people talk about wars and deaths blah blah blah,but guess what? We die! - Everyone reading this is going to die at some point!!! - so don't be emo and diss God about it.You have a short amount of time to figure life out before you die.Being an emo and dissing God isn't the answer to your questions about life.Infact it's just pushing away all of the hard questions in favor of easy answers.You can either pursue all of the hard questions in life and find the hard answers in the bible,which is hard,or you can just do the easy thing that everybody does and say "god doesn't exist because the world is screwed up blah blah blah oh what an emo am i" and then the world will just continue to be as screwed up as ever.Guess what , the world has always been screwed up and always will be screwed up.People have always died whether there have been wars or not and they always will die whether there are wars or not. Why do people rape and harm others? That's a better question to ask yourself.Do you want to be one of those people who rapes and harms people because it makes YOU feel good? Maybe you want to be one of those people who is a dictator who causes wars? I'd rather follow God myself.Some people won't like your opinions and might even try and call you hateful or racist or something just for saying something that isn't politically correct.But just remember that they hate God and would rape someone just to get their own rocks off! They might as well be Saddam Hussein.You know society is goofy like that and tries to say that truly mean and vicious and hateful actions aren't that bad and shouldn't be punished but politically incorrect speech is hateful and intolerant and totally unforgiveable.
God is real , I hope some of you will realise it and find God.There aren't always easy answers.What if everyone did evil everytime they didn't find a quick and easy to answer to a problem?
"Oh boo hoo , google failed me i think i'll go out and commit rape and rob a bank,boo hoo"...
life is very precious and very delicate so be very careful with it or you could wind up dead or rotting in jail somewhere...
or what about guilt? would you feel good about yourself if you raped an killed somebody?
this is why we need to listen to God and get his good input instead of all of society's bad input all the time
all of life's answers are in the bible
God has a great sense of humor but he likes to make the jokes on those who hate him.I would advise against mocking God though.That would be very ill-advised.
by Life is precious and delicate March 09, 2006

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