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A country in north western Europe, specifically designed as somewhere Britain, France and Germany can settle their differences every generation or so.
Belgium was host to the following international tournaments:Waterloo, World War 1, and World War 2 to name the best known examples, also a current home of the EU government
by Libreg January 19, 2011
Technically "What would Jesus Do?" - an appeal to people to act in the fashion of someone who was executed for terrorism 2000 years ago.

"What Would Jack Do?" as in Jack Bauer or "What Would Jethro Do?" as in Jethro Gibbs are much more apt modern alternatives.
WWJD? Probably shoot everybody, stop the nuke and not go to the toilet.

WWJD? Hit Tony on the back of the head.
by Libreg September 18, 2010
someone who does good things because they are good, as opposed to Theists, who do good things solely in order to earn brownie points with some sort of God in order to get into heaven
Theist - "Here's £5 for cancer research, but don't spend it on Stem Cell research. I'm going straight to heaven now."

Atheist - "Here's £5 for cancer research, spend it on whatever works. I'm going straight to Subway now."
by Libreg September 18, 2010

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