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1 definition by LibidinKyle

Nintendo's newest console that offers the motion sensing feature at home. I can't possibly see how people think this owns PS3 when first off they are nothing alike, and second off Wii is outnumbered on every spec by the 360 and PS3 and all it offers is motion sensor which will get boring eventually anyways.
P1: Dude can I play with your Wii?
P2: No, I don't roll that way.
P1: I mean the Nintendo shit system you have.
P2: Oh sure, right after I put the vibrating controller out of my ass
P1: Ok remind me not to use that controller...
P2: I only have one, the other one flew out of my hand and broke my TV
P1: So how would we play your Wii?
P2: Smoke weed until it's fun.
by LibidinKyle January 31, 2007