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5 definitions by Liberator13th

1. A plane so fuckin' maneuverable you can fly up your own ass with it. The pride of the good ol' USAF. Can take down multiple communist aircraft without ever being noticed. Everyone in the USAF wants one.

2. The Decepticon, Starscream, from the movie Transformers. Also featured in the movie Iron Man.

3. The "New Future Weapon" featured in the song by Billy Idol.

4. What Chuck Norris would be if he was an airplane.
1. F-22 radio chatter: "Alright lets bag us some SUCK-ois!" *Fires off six AIM-120s at Russian aircraft*

2. I would pay good money to see Starscream face Iron Man.

3. *It's the dawn of a new future weapon*

4. OMFG! That's not Mobius One in the skies above us! It's Chuck Norris doing a barrel roll!
by Liberator13th September 26, 2008
1. The phrase that should replace "that's so gay" to avoid upsetting Hillary Duff

2. Suggests that all fashion-challenged people are homosexuals
Girl 1:"Do you like this top?"
Girl 2:"That's so gay"
*Hillary Duff walks in*
Duffy:"LIKE OMG! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY NOT SAY THAT!" "How would you like it if I said that's so girl wearing a skirt as a top?!"
Girl 2:"But why? We're lesbians..."
Girl 1:*cries*

Sponsored by the "Think Before You Make Gay Commercials Foundation"

Because being a fashion victim should not be synonymous with being gay.

by Liberator13th January 22, 2009
1. What happens when one calls something that is unpleasant "gay"

2. To be unexpectedly and severely reprimanded by Hillary Duff
1. "That Mexican Restaurant is so gay."

2. *Hillary Duff walks in and Duff Rolls everyone*
by Liberator13th January 22, 2009
The act of playing Gary's Mod as a substitute to tripping on acid or playing while on acid.
Guy 1:
My brother Gacid Trips to some weird dancing guy with a briefcase, a traffic cone on his head, and a couple of headcrabs playing twister with a Hello Kitty doll and a bazooka while submerged in apple sauce suspended 10,000 ft in the air shortly before a ROFLcopter did a barrel roll and annihilates his character.

Guy 2: He's gonna be a virgin forever.

by Liberator13th March 18, 2009
Go have yourself a cup (In relation to the type of coffee called "shut the fuck up."). This is told to someone who should immediately cease talking and smile big while holding a cup of coffee while wearing an army helmet. Pronounced "gee-ack" or sometimes "guy-ack."
Hans: Wie ist ihr name, saftsack!?
Miles: What is he saying???
Charles: I think he is calling you "no-balls."
Miles: GHYAC German!
Hans: Coffee! JAAAA!
by Liberator13th October 11, 2008