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Abbreviated version of Neo-Conservative. Neo-Con's represent the new face of the Republican party, and the PNAC/Zionist philosophy of premptive military action as a viable option to ensure Zionist Hegemony, particularly in the middle-east. Neo-Con's differ from Traditional Conservatives, in that their roots are in the left of the political spectrum. Former Trotskyites, who became disillusioned with the political left and joined the Republican Party during the 1980's. Neo-Con's also differ from traditional conservatives in that they favor big government and Internationalism] as opposed to states rights,Isolationism and Protectionism. Neo-Con's are almost entirely pro Israel, anti Palestinian and often hold dual citizenship with both the United States and Israel.
Paul Wolfowitz is the perfect example of a Neo-Con. He holds dual citizenship with both the US and Israel, and helped to author the pre-emptive wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
by Liberator March 17, 2006

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