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A deragotory term for a jew.
Jesse Jackson in his 1984 presidential campaigne calls New York City "Hymie Town" to refer to the city's Jews in an off record conversation with Milton Coleman.
by LiberalsAreEvil August 29, 2005
1. A title given to only the most brilliant. Flawless in thought, impeccable in credibility, simply without error.
2. An individual that assists in getting to the root cause of liberalism and their inevitable decline into communism.
Liberals are Socialists.
by LiberalsAreEvil August 29, 2005
1. A character trait that involves the incapacity to get laid and identified as one who resorts to baseless lies.
The movie: "The 40 year old virgin" will be the story of Fighting Liberal's life.
by LiberalsAreEvil August 29, 2005
1. Noted as one who is the people's champion. A title held by those that dilligently attack the liberal lies that run amuck across the face of planet Earth.
Buzzsaw is the true people's champion.
by LiberalsAreEvil August 29, 2005
1. What Socialists beginning in the mid 20th and now 21st century prefer to call themselves in the United States, usually characterized by being young and often cured through growing up and getting a job.
I'm a liberal and i think the government should provide everything for me because i'm lazy.
by LiberalsAreEvil August 29, 2005
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