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The event in which consumption of alcohol takes place prior to a party or night on the town. Usually just a small group of people gathered at a residence. A compulsory event for the typical alcoholic.
"Hey, come round my place for predrinks this Saturday! Then we'll hit town!"
by Liam of Radelaide August 28, 2006
A person that is truly evil and likes to slaughter Jews and such, but is rather lazy and gives up on his true goals.
"Adam is such a Quitler, we were going to invade a jewish occupied country the other day and he just said 'Ah, fuck it I can't be bothered'"
by Liam of Radelaide August 28, 2006
An offensive term similar to many other "... you" terms. This one is more generic however and comprises of the word hole, rather than mentioning a specific hole.
Quite often used whilst playing Scrabble, as it comprises 7 letters.
"Hole you! I was gonna take that triple word score!"
by Liam of Radelaide August 28, 2006
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