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9 definitions by LiNe

1) an exclamation of astonishment or approval
1) hot damn! this room is full of stank.
2) you got 150% on the essay? hot damn!
by LINE February 15, 2003
1) an exclamation of joy, oftentimes replacing such words as yippee, yay, or hot damn.
1) wahoo! i got accepted into yale!
2) wahoo! that girl/guy has got a nice ass!
3) today is just full of wahoo.
by LINE February 15, 2003
1) there are many things in this room
by LINE February 15, 2003
(pronounced : a-show-ha) (verb)

short for 'after school hang'. means to hang out after school
"hey, do you want to ashoha tommorow?"
by line May 05, 2005
saying, thinking, or doing something in unison with someone else.
1. skifferage, yo! simultaneous spontaneity at the very best!
by LINE February 13, 2003
a male, usually of adolescence, that exhibits characteristics of general neo-homosexuality. may be proper. also appropriate as any part of speech.
1. stop being such a changor, Changor.
2. that guy is changoring around school.
3. that's so changor.
by LINE February 13, 2003
LiNe OnE. This Emcee/Graffer/B-Boy can tear some ish up.
In Emceeing LiNeOnE can rip yall wit OnE LiNe.
In Graffing he will LiNe u wack toys..
In B-Boying ... well he doesnt break anymore .. but he can still break some of ur bones
Wow boy ... LiNe1 ripped u
by LiNe December 16, 2003