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uh straight runner; a female who be runnin through all the niggas around.
" eh check that broad out"
" Naw blood don't fuck wit that. she a fuckin ripper"
by LiL Mike November 26, 2003
A slang term originated in St.louis in the early 90's. Meaning a person not just your friend derrty can also be your enemy.
Hey yo!!! Derrty betta quit trippin before derrty get his ass beat.

Hey yo!!! What up derrty, what's good wit u?
by Lil Mike February 29, 2004
A gang started to protect neighborhoods in black communities of los angeles, but niggaz always take shit outta hand, so now its about some gang shit.
Crips started in califorinia, so why these bitch ass new york niggaz dying for a street they never seen.
by Lil Mike February 29, 2004
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