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1. When you have a really good (sexual) time without actually having sex.
2. When opts to stay a tease.
Raquel: So how did things go with Matthew last night?
Skylar: "Oh we got totally hot sanswhore."
#no sex #tease #sexual tension #hot #tantalize
by Lexiconnoisseury October 19, 2008
A female version of a teabag, meaning a female would spread her labia and hover over a nose then allowing her labia to clamp down on said nose she would proceed to slide either up or down depending on her preference leaving wet vaginal residue on the violated nose and surrounding area.
Scott: Dude, what's that on your eyebrow?
Juan: Man Skylar juicy rhino'd me this morning while I was sleeping, I guess I didn't get it all off.
#teabagger #vagina #dirty #labia #violate
by Lexiconnoisseury November 16, 2010
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