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2 definitions by Lex Russian

A person who is born in the vast and great country of Russia. Known for being theives, drunks and soccer hooligans. Bar-fights are a national sport. Second place is the who-can-drink-more vodka-before-passsing-out competition.
Passport Control: Hey man where ya from?
Blonde Guy: (with heavy accent) Hello, I am Russian :)
Passport Control: Hey man back off!!! You cant have my wallet!! >:(
by Lex Russian May 17, 2008
A homosexual male, usually European, who enjoys drunk men in bed with him. Commenly works as a fudge packer
Dating service lady: "so what are you looking for in a partner?"
Sabastian: "I like being held by strong, firm arms and long walks on the beach and I love smothering my face in caramel!"
Dating service lady: "What did you say your name was? Sabastian? No wonder...."
by Lex Russian May 15, 2008