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A combo of chill and relax, to form an awesome word suitable for various occasions. works especially well when someones a bit ratty as it usually increases their rage.
"what you up to tonight dude?" - " think im just gonna chillax at the pub"
"argh i cant believe you just spilt hot lead on me" - " mate, chillax, chillaaaaaax"
by LewisC September 09, 2005
the idea of making something worse, but in a jestfull way. usefull for diffusing tense situations. etiology is from a washing powder advert in which a women makes the stain worse by adding beetroot
mitch -"oh shit, we are out of petrol, have no where to camp and matt is ill"
will - "well, i'm gonna make this worse, with beetroot!"
by LewisC September 09, 2005
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